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weekly aws/cloud/tech podcast.

54 : LiveViewJS and Boat Detection

Donnie and Larry talk about Donnie's Strangloop Talk on LiveViewJS and Larry's AWS Rekognition powered boat photo blog.

52 : LiveViewJS Update

Donnie and Larry quickly catch up on LiveViewJS updates, including Deno support.

Check out LiveViewJS !

51 : LiveViewJS

Donnie's framework for a TypeScript implementation of Phoenix LiveView

Check out LiveViewJS !

50 : Surprise Engineers and Coffee drop

genuary, chalice, hotwire, liveview

49 : Sushi 🍣

We talk with Charley Frazier about shipping faster with 🍣 (Shut Up and SHip It)

Thanks Charley Frazier for joining us for a great discussion!