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weekly aws/cloud/tech podcast.

9 : podcast retrospective

we talk about where we're at with the podcast: what went well, what didn't go well, what to change, shoutouts

We'd love for you to join in the retrospective, and provide any feedback you have on the show.

We've put together an anonymous survey to provide feedback.

Thanks for listening!

Our retrospective notes:

  • What went well
    • Consistent recording and publishing
    • Content has improved
    • Interview w/Peter
    • Downloads in last 30 days - 3700
    • Learned a lot about podcasting
    • Forced to keep up on the news a bit more detailed
  • What didn’t go well
    • Interaction has dropped off
    • Donnie’s “tick” - “totally”
    • We didn’t build anything...
    • We didn't Interview enough
  • What to change?
    • Try to bring conversation to us / community
      • Come up with a plan
        • Chat room, live episode, twitter, e.g.
        • Collect emails on twitter?
    • Get better at interviewing
      • Have more interviews
      • research/read how to give good interviews
    • Build something
      • Follow up on chat/lambda, alexa
      • Take what we’re building and make it into episode content
    • Market ourselves
      • Reach out to more podcasters? Tweet at folks? Get more distribution
      • Push the episodes to more podcasting apps - Look into distribuiton on Android
      • Ask folks to review us on itunes
  • Shoutouts?